The WORX Switch Driver

This revolutionary design of a dual drill and driver by WORX changes the game in job speed. Quickly switch the rotating head to go from drilling to driving in one motion. This beauty is also cordless, so you won’t be tethered to a wall. It’s two tools in one with an unlimited range.

The WORX Switchdriver had been around for over 5 years. On Amazon alone, it’s got almost 1,500 reviews and 4.7 stars. The PowerShare battery line is able to share rechargeable batteries with other compatible WORX tools to save major bucks on the charge.

Always looking for ways to cram multiple functions into a single tool, WORX did it again with this two in one screwdriver and drill. In this WORX switch driver review, we hit that deep dive into the features, pros and cons, and overview of this great multifunctional tool.

Who’s It For?

The Switchdriver was made with the task-master in mind. By cutting down job time, more can be done in less – so your productivity goes up and you get more time to work on other things.

A suitable tool for many people, the customer that will find the Switchdriver most useful might be:

  • A home hobbyist, framing a basement
  • A crafter with a mild-moderate production amount
  • A person who appreciates time-saving methods, aka someone racing with the dinner bell

From a handyman to a small business crafter, a lot of people can benefit from this two-in-one tool. Mostly made to serve a person with a small to a medium-sized job, this isn’t the best choice for a construction worker or heavy-job doer (that battery life will run down on you).

The Switchdriver is not the best tool choice for:

  • Someone needing to work a drill all-day
  • A person with an already established collection of 3/8” chucks

It’s slightly more expensive than relatable models from other brands. If you’re pressed for budget, consider a standard drill and spend the extra time switching your bits.

The drill isn’t tricky to use, so it would function fine as a house tool you keep in the closet – though it’s a bit huskier than your standard drill.

What We Like About WORX Switch Driver

The easiest thing to like about the Switchdriver is the feature that gives it its name. It’s practically the main selling point and will easily convince a lot of users that it’s worth the try. We agree here, as the ability to effortlessly switch between the rotating chucks is quite unique and can be a great time saver.

This power tool packs a lot of…power. With torque reminiscent of professional-class models, there is quite an impressive punch behind the Switchdriver.

It’s great to see a wide variety of users represented in the customer reviewers. In just a quick glance through the testimonials, you’ll find:

– Older women needing a lightweight tool
– Carpenters and construction workers
– Heavy-hitter craftsmen

You can see that a lot of different people enjoy this driver. Though it isn’t likely to take the rank of being your only drill if you fall in the heavy-hitter class, it can still perform as a functional piece of a larger collection.

What We Don’t Like About WORX Switch Driver

Though the battery pack can handle a lot of general tasks, it might not last you for the duration of a long and hefty project. The charge will take 4 hours on average to juice up to full again, so the user that is expecting to work this tool all day will want to purchase a few extra batteries.

Best for more moderate tasks, this drill might struggle with more industrial needs.

From combing the reviews, we found that some users didn’t find a distinguishing difference between the torque levels. If having this extra control is enticing to you, you may not like this lack of clear variability.

The Switchdriver only accepts 1/4” bits. Though this is a common size for a bit, it does limit you if you’ve got more bits in other sizes. With the perk of being able to rotate those two chucks, you’re passing on a tool that will accept a variety of bit diameters.


  • LED light
  • The rotatable chuck is unique and useful
  • Lightweight, weighing about 3lbs
  • Over 1200RPM speed


  • No belt hook makes this a pain to tote around on the job site
  • Only accepts 1/4” bits. You’re locked into this bit with the Switchdriver.

What’s Included?

With your purchase of the standard drill, you’ll receive the base model and few accessories. It’s not everything you need to get you through every project, so be aware of what’s coming in that product box.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The WORX Switchdriver Drill
  • One 20V MaxLithium battery
  • One 2” Philips screwdriver bit
  • Two wood drilling bits
  • Charger

The driver doesn’t come with a hard case, which could be useful if you do a lot of travel to job sites. You’ll certainly want extra bits for specific jobs, so consider investing in a set if you don’t already have one.

Overview Of Features

Don’t go getting all starry-eyed about that switching bits business – you’ve got to know how the specs line up too. Sometimes unique tools come at the cost of low power and the inability to get a real job done. The Switchdriver isn’t one of those tools.


  • Cordless: This drill won’t keep you locked down to working 8 feet from an outlet
  • Two-speed gearing
  • 20V Rechargeable battery
  • Rotating dual chuck to drill and drive without changing bits
  • Screw-stripping prevention
  • 1/4” hex collets


The two-speed gearing is a useful feature that allows the user more control in their task. Start slow for accuracy, then rev the speed to maximize torque and power.

Here are the two ways you can vary the speed:

  • The two-position switch on the top of the drill displays a low or high-speed setting
  • The two-position switch on the top of the drill displays a low or high-speed setting

Why would you use a slow speed? This is useful for working robust materials or long bolts where you need a bit more manual control.

Why would you use a fast speed? The faster the speed, the lower the torque – like what you’d need to set a screw in a pre-drilled hole.

Speaking of torque (which you’ll control with the red dial above the battery), the max on this driver is 265 in-lbs. That’ll get you drilling through 3/8” of steel or 1 3/16” of wood. It isn’t the most impressive tool out there, but it sits in the expectations of a cordless driver.


WORX has outfitted its Switchdriver with a 20V battery that is interchangeable with other products in its Power Share platform. So, if you have a few other tools from the brand, you won’t need to invest in spare batteries. Keep them on the chargers and you’ll be ready to work all day and in any way.

Rotating Dual Chucks

This is the pride and joy of the Switchdriver. Shifting this tool from a line of standard drills into a class of its own is the ability to swivel from drill to driver in one swoop. Don’t worry about that extra chuck getting in the way of your hand, this isn’t the case at all.

What’s so great about this, you ask? Let’s lay it out:

  • No fussing with swapping out your bits to perform different tasks
  • Time saved from not having to change bits
  • Everything you need for a job in one hand, no trying to stash a bit in your pocket only to drop it from the top of your ladder

All you’ve got to do is press a button on the side to rotate the head 180deg to switch to the other chuck. That’s a one-handed job. No fumbling around to change to the next bit. Drill your pilot hole then set your screw all in one go.

What’s the difference between the two chucks?

Don’t get worried, they’re the same thing. It doesn’t matter which one you put that bit into.

Screw-stripping prevention

The Switchdriver features electronic torque control via the use of an electronic clutch. This ensures you don’t go stripping your screws with too much power. You’ll be adjusting this clutch based on the size of the screw you are using, to bookend that torque into working for you.

Picture this: you’re hanging a picture in a stud, only to end up stripping out the screw…the last screw you have. Now you’re driving to the hardware store and who’s saving time with that?

It includes a “save you and you’ll never know it” feature. Not only does it save your screw, but it also saves the work surface. There’s almost no going back on damaged material – so this is a very helpful addition.


There is a finger guard that runs the length of the handle – a nice step in preventing accidental power-ups. The LED work light provides illumination in dim or dark workspaces.


This driver weighs about 3lbs. This means that it won’t strangle your shoulders when you’re doing overhead work. When you’re on a roll getting a job done, the last thing you need is an aching back or shoulder that makes you turn in early.

Though this driver is lightweight, it’s heavy-duty. Its three-year warranty is a guarantee that you’ll get a load of use out of this tool.


As discussed above, you’re limited to using 1/4” hex bits for the Switchdriver. It might not matter to some users that already have a good amount of 1/4” bits in their stock. For others, this could mean having to make a separate purchase to make this tool usable.

The chucks are quick release and operate as such:

  • Pull the collet locking sleeve
  • Insert bit
  • Release the collet

The good about the one-size chuck is that there is no adjustment needed. The bad about it is that there is no adjustment available.

The WORX Brand

An innovator in the line of home and power tools, WORX specializes in creating products that function in multiple ways, all while housing the same power you’d expect from their traditional counterparts.

Customers of WORX tools enjoy a great customer service department and brand products that usually come with hefty warranties, like this 3-year one.

Review Summary

To conclude, the WORX Switchdriver is an interesting hybrid of a driver and drill, that can help reduce working time with its innovative rotating chuck head. It might not take the place of all of your drilling needs, but it can be an adaptable supplement to your tool shop.

We recommend this as a great purchase for the moderate user that likes to optimize their time. Consider investing in a 1/4” hex bit set to get full utilization out of this tool and a hard case will be handy for extra protection.

This WORX switch driver review can be your guiding ship in learning more about this tool – a word from the wise, don’t let this one pass in the night!


Q: Is this tool also an impact driver?
A: No, the Switchdriver only functions as a drill.

Q: Can the driver accommodate a larger battery?
A: No, you can only use a 20V battery for this tool.

Q: Will my bits fit into this driver?
A: The Switchdriver will only fit a 1/4” hex bit. Any other size will not fit.

Q: Does the drill adjust for larger bits?
A: No, the chuck is not adjustable in this tool. Fits only 1/4” hex bits in the chuck.

Q: Can I operate this drill in reverse?
A: Yes, this drill features a reverser-drive to aid in removing screws.

Q: Is it a challenge to switch the dual head chuck?
A: Not at all. The chuck flips with the click of a switch. Almost a hand-free job, you can operate this function with the click of one button.

Q: Can this drill handle studs and drywall?
A: Yes, it’s very capable of handling minor house chores. You might run into a bit of trouble if you attempt to require anything more industrial.

Q: Is the Switchdriver brushless?
A: No, the motor on the Switchdriver is not brushless.

Q: Is the Switchdriver a part of the PowerShare with other WORX tools?
A: Yes, the battery for the Switchdriver is interchangeable with other 20V WORX tools in the Power Share platform.

Q: Does WORX sell additional bits?
A: Yes, you can purchase bits directly from the WORX brand.

Q: How heavy is this drill?
A: The Switchdriver weighs about 3lbs, which is quite lightweight for a tool like this.

Q: Is there a difference between the two chuck heads?
A: No, both chucks are the same – meaning, it doesn’t matter which one you put a screwdriver or a drill bit in.

Q: How can the speed be adjusted?
A: Explained in detail under the Speed section of this review – you can slip the switch on top of the drill, or vary the speed by changing the pressure you put on the power button.

Q: Is a battery included in the purchase?
A: Yes, you receive one 20V battery and a charger.

Q: How does the drill prevent stripping screws?
A: Using the electric clutch, you set the level depending on the screws you’re working with. For small items go for a low clutch, and for larger items set the clutch higher.

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