Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review

teds woodworking review
Ted’s Woodworking markets itself as “the internet’s largest database of 16,000 woodworking plans”. If you research woodcraft online, it won’t be very long before you stumble upon them.

It seems that everyone involved in the craft has something to say about them. Type in the words “Ted’s Woodworking Review” and start reading. People have strong opinions. After researching what customers had to say, here are my thoughts.

At first glance, they seem to be offering a gold mine of valuable information. What is there not to like about 16,000 easy to follow plans? It seems too good to be true!

And with the promise of hundreds of interesting DIY woodworking projects ranging from building indoor and outdoor furniture, simple crafts, and special projects, there seems to be something for everyone. In addition to the 16,000 woodworking plans themselves, there are bonus tutorials, workbooks, guides, and videos.

Let’s face it. Learning a new craft can be frustrating. Check out any Home Depot or your local hardware store. Look around at the sheer amount of raw material in the lumber section. There are hundreds of types of wood. It can be overwhelming. The equipment section can be terrifying for a beginner. You can get lost just trying to figure out what you need.

Without some basic advice, you might just throw up your hands and walk out of the store. If you are lucky, the store will have a knowledgeable person to help you. But it can be scary.

Whether you are teaching yourself to garden, start a business, create a blog, or build interesting things out of wood, there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, there are good online resources. Many are free or affordable.

Go online and find pictures of ambitious projects like building wooden humidors, swing sets, chicken coops, gazebos, and children’s bedroom furniture. You may ask yourself: Where do I begin? Woodworking can be daunting for beginners. There are so many questions:

  • Lumber: What kind of wood will I need? What quality materials? Where do I buy them?
  • Cost: How much do materials generally cost? What can I purchase on my budget?
  • Equipment: What tools will I need? Which handsaw is best? What protective gear should I start out with? What is the best quality hammer to buy? What kind of carving knife should I look for? What is the best wood-glue available?
  • Manuals: Are there any easy instructions or tutorials for beginners?

When you stumble upon an online product promising to streamline the process it is easy to get excited. Especially when the product promises access to an enormous library of detailed woodworking instructions that are suitable for beginners and professionals.

That is what Ted’s Woodworking plans promise. It brands itself as the “Earth’s Largest Database of Woodworking Projects” and they may be correct. For a reasonable fee, they promise customers 16,000 woodcraft plans for simple and advanced projects. All plans are said to be available online with the option of having CDs delivered to your address.

All plans are described as easy-to-follow and meticulously detailed. They claim that the instructions are so easy to follow that the projects ‘practically build themselves’. With reportedly over 24,000 satisfied customers, it sounds great. After all, it might take a lifetime to collect such a vast collection of woodworking plans yourself.

Then there is the question of the person behind the brand. Who exactly is Ted?
According to the company profile, “Ted” is Ted “Woody” McGrath, a self-described, certified master woodworker and trainer.

Ted comes across as a friendly, down-to-earth, fellow who wants to share his love and knowledge of woodworking with other people.

He is described as someone who learned the time-honored craft of woodcraft from his family. Ted comes off as the kind of guy you might want to have a beer with one night while “talking shop”.

Is there actually a person named Ted as presented in the online profile or is it just a gimmick? Many on the internet question if Ted is a real person or a clever marketing ploy. As I will point out, there is reason to suspect that there is no person named “Ted” as he is presented.

Who’s It For?

Ted’s Woodworking markets itself as suitable for all skill levels. They claim that they have projects to satisfy beginners, mid-level, and even seasoned professionals. And they promise that their plans offer clear, precise, step-by-step easy instructions for those with little or no experience.

The website features dozens of beautiful pictures of impressive woodworking projects such as gazebos, patios, bedroom furniture, swing sets, and playhouses. With the promise of thousands of plans for a multitude of projects, the package is attractive to all skill levels.

The pictures show a range of diverse projects from simple to more advanced, ambitious ones. Whether trying to build a bookshelf, a birdhouse, or a bed, they market themselves as a product for everyone.

What We Like About Ted’s Woodworking Plans

On the surface, the package seems like a no-brainer for those interested in woodwork. It is also not expensive at all when you consider the total number of projects included in the package. In fact, it is conceivable that a collection like this might cost many times that amount.

What We Don’t Like About Ted’s Woodworking Plans

The reality is quite different. Many customers describe the plans as poor in quality and hard to follow. Others complained that the number of plans is far less than the promised 16,000.

There were complaints from people who had difficulty accessing the database or downloading the plans themselves. Some were even unable to enter the website with their login information.

Of the many negative reviews, many cited questionable business practices, including the company’s failure to follow its refund policy. There are even complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for possible copyright infringement. The Better Business Bureau’s website reports the following:

  • Teds Woodworking is out of business.
  • Their representatives have been unable to reach any of the contacts.
  • The listed address does not seem to represent an authentic location.
  • The BBB “business alert” noted that many customers expected to receive a physical product but simply received log-in information instead.

The BBB recommends that anyone with unresolved disputes obtain legal representation.

If you go online and do some research on the subject, Teds Woodworking plans can be found everywhere. There are different explanations that address their success.

One blogger attributes Ted’s success to its aggressive affiliate marketing practices. He claims that many bloggers receive high commissions for recommending and linking with the company.

There is merit to this. Ted’s ambitious affiliate program claims that affiliates earn up to $125 a sale with the further promise of high commissions. Their “Super Affiliates Secrets program” assures the prospect that many affiliates earn $35,000 a month.

So, in addition to a sophisticated online marketing model to sell the product, there is an equally ambitious affiliate program in place. The prospect of earning easy money is an attractive option for many people to push his product.

Testimonials and Reviews

teds woodworking review

Ted’s Woodworking has an ambitious marketing program that earned the company a lot of attention. Most online reviews and testimonials are negative. From Amazon to other online forums, people are generally upset with their purchase. Many call it an outright scam.

Naturally, there ARE positive testimonials, but these are generally found on Ted’s websites. When you look at the total number of negative complaints online, it is hard to take any of the positive testimonials seriously.

Other websites which seem to be marketing the same product, are probably part of his affiliate program. Among the many online reviews, a few claiming to be impartial who give mixed reviews, link to the product themselves.

Ted’s plans are listed under different websites such as,, and


The positive features are based upon what the product promises on their website:

  • For a reasonable fee, the site offer plans for 16,000 detailed woodworking projects.
  • Plans are described as easy-to-follow, meticulously detailed, and include graphics featuring different angles of each project.
  • They claim over 24,000 satisfied customers.
  • There is a guaranteed 60-day refund.
  • Bonuses include videos, guides, videos, and tutorials, including an eBook on how to sell your crafts.
  • They promise a lifetime of new monthly plans at no extra cost.


  • From the many negative reviews, there is a serious reason to question the company’s claims.
  • Their database is described as difficult or impossible to access.
  • Customers report that the total number of plans falls short of the promised number (16,000 plans).
  • There are copyright questions about the legality of the materials in the package.
  • Numerous complaints state that the plans are not well-detailed nor are they easy to follow.
  • Many customers claim that the company failed to adhere to their refund policy.
  • The Better Business Bureau reports that Ted’s Woodworking is out of business and that their representatives were unable to contact them.
  • Despite the BBB findings, many websites are actively promoting and selling the product with their latest “Beat the Quarantine” deal.
  • Ted’s aggressive marketing irritates people.

What’s Included?

Ted’s website Indicates that the woodworking package includes the following:

  • Detailed plans and schematics for 16,000 projects including lists for materials and their cutting lengths.
  • 150 premium woodworking videos.
  • Additional tutorials and complete woodworking guides.
  • An eBook on how to start your own business and sell your work.
  • The woodworking package is lifetime guaranteed with no extra charge or obligations
  • Guaranteed new monthly plans.
  • DWG & CAD Plan Viewer allows you to modify and edit your plans.

The website’s graphics show a physical box and CDs which suggests that customers receive a physical product. Yet the website clearly states that they are not included in the standard package. There is an option to have the CDs delivered to your address.

Overview Of Features

When you consider the entire package, Ted’s Woodworking promises a lot. Their website describes their plans as detailed and easy to follow. They offer guides, tutorials, and premium videos for a variety of ambitious projects, purportedly accessible through their database. There is even a guidebook for starting your own business so you can sell your woodwork.

As noted above, the product does not include a physical product as the pictures illustrated on the website. However, they offer an option to have the material delivered to your address.

Review Summary

teds woodworking review


This one is a no-brainer. Would I recommend them? My short answer: No. Run for the hills.

Does Ted deliver on his promise? Not by a long shot. When you take in all the information, there is a lot to be suspicious about this product. Even cursory research shows that most customers are unhappy with the product.

And it goes beyond the disappointment you find with any product. Not everyone is going to love every product. Yet across the internet, you can read the same refrain again and again from unhappy customers. Scam. Rip-Off.

There are bad products on the market. Not everyone is going to be happy with a given product, even the best of them. Many products include good and bad features. People have individual preferences. I always preferred New Balance sneakers to Nike.

But a good litmus test to stay away from a company is when many (perhaps most) of the people are screaming that it is a scam. In such an instance, you might want to follow the time-trusted Latin maxim: Caveat emptor. Buyer beware.

Customers report that the database is hard to enter. Many of them report that they are not even able to enter the database with their login information.

There are many complaints about the quality of the plans. Many customers describe them as poorly written and hard to follow. There are even accusations that the plans are taken from other free online sources.

I have a bad impression of Ted’s Woodworking Plans. Customers have registered complaints and the internet is flooded with negative reviews. The Better Business Bureau claims that the company is out of business. They recommend that anyone with unresolved disputes should seek legal representation. Despite their findings, “Ted’s” plans are still being sold online.

This is not to say that everyone who buys these plans will be unhappy. Some people may benefit from some of the plans.

Some people may even succeed in building something. Some reviewers admitted the product’s flaws but noted that if you only created 1-2 products in total, you have already gotten your money’s worth.

Their overall record is shady. When you consider the entire picture, Ted’s Woodworking plans come off as a well-marketed, highly sophisticated, scam which is even frustrating the Better Business Bureau.

They have a terrible online reputation. It is hard to find people writing anything good about them. Perhaps “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” after all. Despite the abundance of negative reviews, they were obviously able to convince enough people to purchase their products.

Ted’s aggressive affiliate marketing program worked wonders for them. Many people are eager to profit from their brands. And despite attempts to hold them accountable for their seemingly unethical (and possibly criminal) behavior, they continue to sell their product online.

While I was researching Ted’s Woodworking Plans, I stumbled upon one website where they offered “50 Free Woodcraft Plans”. All they required was that I submit my email address. I briefly considered in the interest of research. Then I thought of all the people who shelled out their hard-earned money only to be disappointed. I decided against giving them my email address.

The success of Ted’s Woodworking resource shows that there is a need for a professional product to help beginners who want to learn woodcraft. If someone can create a better product adhering to professional, ethical, and legal standards, they would have an exceptional product to offer the market.

Woodworking can be extremely rewarding for the hobbyist or professional. If you are a beginner, do not be discouraged by the process. There are many good online resources to learn the craft. Do not let shady online ventures turn you off.

Like many skills, it is a life-long process. We generally get good at things by researching and learning about a subject, and ultimately by DOING things to improve. As always, proceed diligently and take advantage of the best material out there. Do your research and see what others are saying.

Whether you are trying to build your first birdhouse, a porch deck, or a wooden canoe, have fun with the process of learning woodwork.

There are plenty of good free or affordable courses online if you want to learn woodworking. Ted’s package of 16,000 plans is not one of them. Don’t buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans! As the adage goes, sometimes it is too good to be true.

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