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Rockwell Tools hasn’t been around very long (the company started in 1994) but they already have a near-legendary reputation for putting out some of the most innovative tools in the industry.

Woodworkers in specific absolutely love the tools that Rockwell puts out, with many of them transforming the way that cabinets and fine pieces of furniture get made. Contractors and carpenters have also started to become big fans of Rockwell tools, in large part because of innovative new options like the Rockwell VersaCut.

A hybrid circular saw that is compact, durable, and one of the most flexible options you’ll find on the market today, there’s really nothing else you could compare the Rockwell VersaCut to. It sits in a class of its own.

Below we dig a little bit deeper into everything you need to know about this amazing new tool.

In the Rockwell VersaCut review below we cover the ins and outs of what makes this tool so special, who can make the most of this tool, what we like and what we don’t like, and a handful of other details you’ll need to know before you pull the trigger on this purchase.

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Right out of the gate you’re going to notice that the Rockwell VersaCut looks nothing like the traditional circular saws you are used to using.

Short, compact, and almost “stubby”, this is anything but those oversized, boxy, and clumsy circular saws most people are used to using.

On top of that, the VersaCut weighs in at only 4 pounds so you don’t have to feel like you are dragging around a piano every time you need to cut something.

Because of this smaller size and compact form factor you are going to be able to use this circular saw in spots traditional saws never would have fit. You’ll be able to bump into tiny little corners, cut sharper angles, and still rip incredibly long distances in a piece of material without headache or hassle.

The VersaCut also features an innovative real motor design that improves the overall ergonomics of using this tool, too.

Instead of feeling like you are fighting a circular saw every step of the way – really pushing it into the material – the VersaCut sort of feels like you are gliding around on an ice skate. You’ll deal with a lot less fatigue when you are using this compact saw on a regular basis.

Interestingly enough, though, all of the weight and size savings that Rockwell has squeezed into this compact unit translate to less vibration and less “bouncing” when compared to traditional circular saws.

Most would think that something smaller and more lightweight would jiggle around all over the place every time you go to make a cut, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Rockwell VersaCut stays aligned, is easy to control, and isn’t going to fight you.

Intuitively designed “lock-off” switches prevent the saw from being turned on accidentally, neat little safety features Rockwell squeezed under the hood of this unit. A depth adjustment lever is easy to configure as well, guaranteeing that you get this saw to cut exactly the way you want to without issue.

Performance-wise, the VersaCut outperforms a lot of the much larger and (on paper) much more powerful circular saws on the market today.

You’ll be able to use the VersaCut to handle cuts in plywood, in metal, in flooring material (including ceramic tiles), and so much more – all thanks to a wide array of blade options that can be snapped into place with no difficulty at all.

There are some cabinet makers out there that chew through 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood with absolutely zero extra effort whatsoever with the help of the VersaCut, something that’s next to impossible to do with those big, blocky circular saws – even with a brand-new blade!

Add into the mixtape Rockwell laser-guided system that shows you exactly where you are cutting as you are cutting (with a triangular-shaped ray of light directly on your cutting path) and this tool is a bit of a no-brainer to get your hands on ASAP if you’re in the market for a new circular saw.

Who’s It For?

Three distinct groups of people will be able to make the most of everything that the Rockwell VersaCut has to offer.

The first group is serious professional woodworkers and cabinetmakers.

The VersaCut is as powerful as any circular saw out there, far easier to control and lighter weight, and capable of more consistent and more accurate cuts in a variety of different materials. The compact footprint allows this saw to get into places that traditional options wouldn’t have been able to, and the laser cutting guide system guarantees that you always stay on-line.

The second group includes serious contractors and carpenters.

These are the professionals that rely on their tools to earn their living, to make their livelihood. These are the professionals that use their tools on a daily basis. They need tools that they know they can count on day in and day out for years to come.

These professionals are also the ones most likely to become fatigued by using the oversized, bulky circular saws over and over and over throughout the day. The Rockwell VersaCut is so lightweight and so easy that it’s going to change the way that contractors carpenters cut material on job sites from here on out.

Finally, the last group that will really love the Rockwell VersaCut (and the folks leaving a lot of Rockwell VersaCut reviews online) are DIYers and newer woodworkers looking to get their hands on top-tier tools.

The versatility of the Rockwell VersaCut allows it to cut all kinds of materials, including flooring, paneling, PVC piping, thin metal pipes, and a variety of other materials that include ceramic tiles.

This makes this compact saw a bit of an “all-in-one” kind of option for DIYers and newer woodworkers that might not have the budget for a bunch of different tools but will need something that can handle double or even triple duty all the same.

All in all, the odds are good that if you’re in the market for a new circular saw and don’t want a big block of a thing you’ll want to take a closer look at the Rockwell VersaCut.

What We Like About Rockwell Vesacut

Where do we begin?

The ergonomics of the VersaCut are absolutely off the charts.

The rear motor design keeps the weight in the back near your hand and helps to control bouncing and jumping when you are cutting through materials. The narrow handle is easy to grip regardless of the size of your hands, and the intuitive trigger placement guarantees that you’re able to run this saw with a lot of control.

The durability of this tool (and every other tool from Rockwell, for that matter) is off the charts.

This is a company that makes some of the very best tools available under the sun, the kinds of tools that you’ll cherish for a lifetime rather than “use and abuse” just because you know they are going to break sooner rather than later. You’ll be able to get used to your new VersaCut with just a little bit of care.

The user-friendliness of the VersaCut cannot fly under the radar, either.

Everything is very intuitively laid out, everything feels good in the hand, and the control scheme is very straightforward. Quick adjustments, quick blade changes, and quick activations of the laser payment system (and every other component on the VersaCut) make this a dream to use every timeout.

All in all, it’s really not hard to fall head over heels in love with the VersaCut.

What We Don’t Like About Rockwell Vesacut

The major thing that the Rockwell VersaCut struggles with is bevel cuts.

For some reason this saw just doesn’t like cutting at those kinds of angles and you’re going to kind of feel like you are fighting the saw to make them happen more often than not.

The oversized blade guard does get in the way of looking at your blade as well, though the folks at Rockwell say this was done on purpose to get you to focus on the accuracy laser system and to keep your eyes protected while cutting.

Blades (and the saw itself) are generally pretty expensive and not be easiest to find on the market, either. If your local hardware store doesn’t stock Rockwell tools the odds are pretty good that you’re going to have to order new blades online.

None of those issues are deal-breakers really, but they are things you want to keep in mind all the same.


  • Unbelievably lightweight and super compact
  • Innovative design is also durable and quite flexible
  • The blades are relatively easy to change out
  • The laser aiming system is very well implemented
  • Cleaning and maintaining this compact circular saw is a breeze
  • The ability to cut through multiple materials quickly and consistently is a game-changer
  • Single-handed operation of this saw improves comfort considerably
  • Super safe to use and obviously well-engineered


  • Definitely more expensive than traditional circular saws
  • Blades are a lot more expensive and harder to come by, too
  • The laser aiming system is powered independently from the saw itself and requires batteries
  • The actual plunge springs are stiff and do not “break” but over time
  • The initial jump of the circular saw when first powered on takes a little bit of getting used to

What’s Included?

In the box, you’re going to get a couple of things, including (obviously) the Rockwell VersaCut itself.

The saw measures in at 17.3” x 8.6” x 4.4” and weighs just under 4 pounds. It has a 10-inch power cord attached to it, can cut to depths of 1 1/16 inches, and is powered by a 120 V/4 amp motor.

The laser aiming module includes batteries right in the box, though it may not be a bad idea to keep some on hand just in case those batteries are older and need to be swapped out sooner than you expect.

You’ll get a carrying case in the box as well, a blade to use right out of the gate very multi-purpose blade), and an owner’s manual that lets you know how to make the most of this tool straight away.

Accessory blades or material-specific blades are all going to need to be purchased separately.

As we have highlighted a couple of times throughout this Rockwell VersaCut review those blades can get kind of expensive (compared to traditional circular saw blades) and you’ll almost always have to have them shipped to you rather than find them at your local hardware store or Home Depot.

Overview Of Features

The user-friendliness of this simple and straightforward compact circular saw cannot go overlooked.

All you have to do is “grip and rip” the saw the next time that you need to make a cut, allowing it to do all of the heavy lifting for you thanks to the smart design of the saw and the rear-mounted motor system.

Depth adjustments are really easy thanks to a quick adjusting lever that also indicates exactly how deep you are setting the blade. The lock is instantaneous as soon as you release the lever, with infinite and incremental adjustments possible as well.

The durability of Rockwell Tools is legendary and the warranty that they offer (a two-year warranty) is one of the best in the business. This is a well-built tool made to last and last.

Review Summary

At the end of the day, if traditional circular saws just aren’t working for you because of their sides and their awkwardness the odds are pretty good that you’re going to really like all that the Rockwell VersaCut has to offer.

Slim, compact, easy to maneuver, and ridiculously accurate while capable of cutting through all kinds of materials (especially with specialty blades installed), there really is nothing else like this on the market right now.

A lot of tool companies claim that their product is totally different from anything else out there. Rockwell is one of the few companies that can actually back that promise, and the VersaCut is a perfect example of their innovative approach to modernizing our favorite tools.

Sure, the VersaCut is a little more expensive than traditional circular saws.

But most everyone that’s ever used one of these (definitely anyone that’s ever left a Rockwell VersaCut review online) will tell you that it’s worth every penny – and then some!

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