Content Audit – A Deep Dive into the Leatherman Signal Multitool

Is this the ultimate accessory for outdoor adventures? With 19 tools in 1, you could argue that the Leatherman signal is the only tool you’ll ever need when camping. This small gadget is the perfect companion for life in the wild. At only 5 inches big, it really packs a punch in terms of features.

The all-new version of this multitool features a diamond coated sharpener for keeping hunting and fishing knives sharp. There’s also a fire-starting rod for all your survival needs and an emergency whistle to keep you safe wherever you are. This tool looks the part too. With a smart black and silver design, it’s made for serious adventurers. It also comes with a handy storage pouch – perfect for popping in your backpack.

In this leatherman signal review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tool. If you are looking for the perfect multitool companion for your next adventure, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve also included a full overview of the features and a summary of what’s included to make it easier for you to decide if it’s the tool for you.

Who’s It For?

This is a tool designed for those who like to find adventures outdoors. Aimed at seasoned campers, this tool is perfect for anyone who likes to get off the beaten track. With the ability to help you survive almost anywhere, it’s perfect for people who prefer to camp in the wild. If you like to set off with just a small backpack that’s got everything that you need, then the signal multitool will suit you perfectly.

It’s also a great companion for fishermen, huntsman, and those who like to cook outdoors on the campfire. With two knives included, you’ll be set on your next trip. This isn’t a cheap tool – but it’s a price you’ll be willing to pay if you’re a serious outdoor adventurer. If you are heading out on your first camping trip and you are a bit of a novice, you might not want to invest in this right away.

It’s got an advanced range of tools included, so it may not be the best tool for beginners. If you are only heading to a campsite or friend backyard you probably won’t need this tool either! For the more seasoned hiker, camper, or bush craftsman, this tool will get you excited. If you like to be self-sufficient, make your own fire, and chop your own wood – you can do all this and more with this tool.

It’s got a variety of wire cutters, screwdrivers, and wrenches too – a dream for any DIY enthusiast who likes to fix things on the go. Its range of tools is ideal for those who like to get things sorted but don’t have the space to carry a whole tool kit. A great feature of this gadget is that all of the tools can be opened and used with just one hand. Pretty clever, right? Sometimes you only have one hand to spare – so whether you are reaching for the tool in an emergency or just to open a cold beer, then you know that you’ll be able to do so with ease.

What We Like About Leatherman Signal Multitool

This multitool is surprisingly lightweight. It’s impressive to think that there’s a whopping 19 tools included in something so small. It’s so light that you can clip it to your backpack and you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. The pocket clip, in fact, is a great feature too. It’s super useful to be able to use a carabiner to attach the tool to the outside of your pack. No more rummaging around to look for the tool you need. Everything can be right there, ready to use.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools – most of them do pretty well when it comes to using. The pliers are easy to use and are perhaps one of the most useful features of this multitool. They have a lot of strength that can get you out of a number of sticky situations. The can opener does a great job too and definitely beats carrying a full-sized one around with you. If you are camping in the wilderness and need to open a can of soup, you can be confident that you won’t go hungry with this tool in your pocket.

You can’t go wrong with the Phillips head screwdriver either – always handy for fixing broken gadgets, car parts, or things around the house. Another of our favorite features is the bottle opener. There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t have one on hand when there’s a cold beer to open. You’ll definitely be the hero amongst your friends if the situation arises. We love that this multi-tool is so easy to use too.

The ability to grab any tool with just one hand can be a lifesaver. If you are ever in a survival situation, this tool has everything you would need to get to a shelter and keep yourself safe. For such a small piece of kit, it can offer a lot. It’s surprising how varied it’s features are and how many different situations it could help you in.

What We Don’t Like About Leatherman Signal Multitool

You’ve got 19 tools in your pocket? Sounds very cool at first, but in reality the quality is probably going to be compromised somewhere. Whilst this little gadget can help you out in times of need, not all of its tools live up to our expectations. The screwdriver, while useful, is very awkward to use. It’s positioned next to the hammer, meaning you can only use it with one of the handles still open. While that’s probably okay for the odd emergency, it’s not something you would want to rely on every day.

We also think that this tool is missing something too – scissors would have been a great addition and arguably more useful than some of the 19 ‘tools’ on offer. The 19 tools also fail to include tweezers. If you think you are going to be in a situation where scissors or tweezers are needed, it might be worth exploring alternative multitool options.

The lightweight design of this multitool lets it down at times too. To save on weight, the casing material is made of a very flimsy plastic. All it takes is just one knock or bump and parts of this tool could easily break. This could be a real problem if you are planning on taking this out into the wild with you. We think a multitool should be reliable and sturdy – ready for any adventure. The fact that this one could get easily damaged is a major concern.

We found that the tent hammer feature lacks finesse too. The impact that’s needed to use the tool as a hammer can cause other tools from the set to fall loose. You don’t want to be worried about using the tool to its full potential. This could be seen as a bit of a design flaw – we would expect to be able to hammer into tough ground without any damage to the multitool.

Whilst the inclusion of a knife sharpener is a nice touch, we think that the diamond coated sharpener is a bit gimmicky. Don’t get us wrong – If you’re desperate it will help you out, but it’s far from a professional sharpener. It wouldn’t substitute for the real thing if you are a serious huntsman.

For the price, we would expect a greater level of overall quality with this tool. Not all of the tools are strong enough and you might have to carry alternatives if you need a higher standard.

Perhaps it tries to do too much by offering 19 tools in 1. Not all of the tools are actually useful and not all of them function well. Perhaps doing fewer things, but doing them better could have been the way forward with this multitool.


  • 19 tools in 1
  • Lightweight
  • Carabiner bag clip
  • 25 year guarantee
  • USA made


  • Flimsy design
  • Not all tools are easy to access

What’s Included?

The Leatherman multitool boasts 19 tools. Here’s exactly what they are:

1. 1420HC Combo Knife
2. Hammer
3. Saw
4. Diamond Coated Sharpener
5. Safety Whistle
6. Ferrocerium Rod
7. Bottle Opener
8. Can Opener
9. Carabiner Bag Clip
10. ¼ in Hex Bit Driver
11. Bit Driver
12¼ in Box Wrench
13. Needlenose Pliers
14. Regular Pliers
15. Wrenches
16. Awl with Thread Loop
17. 154cm Replaceable Wire Cutters
18. 154cm Replaceable Hard Wire Cutters
19. Wire Stripper

Also included with the product is a smart black carry case. Useful for keeping the multitool safe and protecting it from any scratches. The product comes ready assembled meaning that you can use it straight away. No need to worry about putting the different parts together – that’s all done for you – and made in the USA too.

Something else unique that we like is that there is also the option to have the item delivered in ‘frustration-free packaging’. That means 100% recyclable packaging that is free of zip ties, clamshells or blister packaging, allowing you to get into the product straight away.

It’s also covered by a 25-year service guarantee, so if you have any problems with the product you can send it in for repair, without a fee. One thing to note is that whilst some of the wire cutters are replaceable – spare parts are not included and would have to be bought separately if needed.

Overview Of Features

The main appeal of this multitool is how many things it offers the user. It includes a varied range of tools and can equip you for a number of adventure scenarios. Compared to its competitors, it’s one of the most lightweight options on the market and certainly won’t weigh down your backpack in a hurry. It’s also easy to transport this tool thanks to the handy carabiner clip.

Just attach it to your belt or bag and you’ve got 19 tools ready to use whenever you need. There’s little things too that make this tool stand out – like the ‘lock’ feature. This allows you to fix a certain tool in place whilst you are using it and avoids any unwanted parts of the tool slipping out. That means you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or anyone around you when you are using this tool. Piece of mind and safety are things we like!

Review Summary

Overall the Leatherman Signal Camping Multitool is a solid choice for all adventure lovers. It’s range of tools means that you can be well equipped without having to lug a load of equipment around with you. If there is a certain tool you use regularly, you might not want to rely on the multitool for everything.

We think that the tools in this gadget are more suited to occasional or emergency use. The screwdrivers and wrenches for example can save you in an emergency, but you wouldn’t want to use them all day if you are a mechanic. The design and layout of some of the tools makes some of them more tricky to use. You could get frustrated and it could be cumbersome if you reached for them every day.

As something to have in your pack when camping or hiking, this multitool will give you the ultimate peace of mind. With features such as a fire starter and safety whistle, you know that you’ll be okay if you ever find yourself in danger. If you can start a fire and call for help it might make all the difference in an extreme emergency!

This tool can be a trusty companion to have on a hunting or fishing trip too as there is a double knife and blade sharpener included. You won’t have to worry about having a blunt knife ever again!

Whilst we see the appeal of this complex multitool, there are simpler and more affordable options on the market. If you don’t need all of the 19 tools that the Signal offers, then a more basic multitool might suit you better. Some of the more basic tools on the market offer less variety but the quality of tools included is much more reliable.

Definitely, something to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a multitool. If you are someone who likes to cover all bases and you aren’t sure which tools you might need on your adventures, the Leatherman Signal ticks all the boxes and is definitely a good option.

FAQ section:

Are the pliers spring loaded?
The pliers in the Leatherman Signal aren’t spring loaded due to the delicate design of the tool. Despite this they should be able to assist you with a wide range of jobs.

I’m looking for a smaller multi-tool that can fit in my pocket. Is this one like that?
It depends on the size of your pocket, but yes it should! The dimensions of the product are 5.2 x 3.6 x 1.8 inches. It’s designed to fit in most pockets for easy access. If for any reason it doesn’t fit you could use the carabiner clip to attach the multitool to your belt or backpack.

How well does the hammer function work?
The hammer feature is designed for use on tent pegs and will work best in medium-soft ground. It’s suitable for a range of other jobs too, but it’s not a replacement for a dedicated hammer. If you’ve got a lot of hammering to do or need to work very precisely then it would be best to invest in a more specific tool. It does work fine to hammer in stakes and also to break up ice. It should break a window as well. The impact area is small so you need to use it with some care. It can work very well with proper use and care.

Do I have to go through Leatherman for replacement wire cutter blades or can I pick them up at the hardware store ?
We’d recommend getting any replacement parts from Leatherman directly. The parts are specific and could cause danger if not properly attached.

What is the folded size?
The tool is 4.5 inches when folded.

Are replacement ferro rods available for this tool?
Yes, it’s possible to purchase replacement rods directly from Leatherman. Should yours break or wear out they can be easily interchanged for a new one. Note that the ferro rod on this product is combined with the whistle and it’s this specific combo you would need to purchase as a replacement.

Is this item engravable?
It’s not advisable to engrave this multitool. There is minimal space to engrave anything and the metal housing is probably too thin.

What is the blade length on this multitool?
The length of the blade is 2.73 in / 6.93 cm.

Does the leatherman bit driver extender work with the signal?
Yes. It’s possible to use the Leatherman bit driver extension on this product.

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