Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw Review – A Deep Dive

A Deep Dive into the Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw

One of the biggest challenges you’ll have working with wood – especially when you’re using a circular saw – is making long, straight, clean, and accurate cuts.

Free handing these kinds of cuts is never as simple or straightforward as we hope it’s going to be.

Inevitably we “wobble” a little bit. And before you know it we are carrying out a whole lot more material than we expected, and our finished results suffer because of it.

Of course, you could certainly drop a mountain of money and get your hands on a track saw to remedy this issue. Or splash even more cash to get your hands on a tablesaw. 

But wouldn’t it be nice to transform your favorite circular saw into a track saw – and then back again – whenever you need to, getting the exact same great results at a fraction of the price? 

That’s what the Kreg Accu-Cut system is designed to help you do!

In this detailed review, we go over (almost) everything you need to know about the Kreg Accu-Cut system.

By the time you’re done with the inside information below, you’ll know exactly whether or not this is the perfect tool to help you rip or cross-cut sheet material, plywood, and longer pieces of stock with the kind of accuracy and precision you get out of a table and track saw system.

We also cover what we think Kreg could have done a little better when it comes to the Accu-Cut system, too.

This is very much a “real deal” review, giving you our honest opinion about everything we think makes this system so special and what’s holding it back from being really perfect.

Ready to jump right in?

Who’s It For?

Right out of the gate, the Kreg Accu-Cut system is specifically designed for all kinds of people working with wooden construction materials to cut cleaner, straighter, and more consistent lines – especially when working with larger pieces of material.

As we highlighted above, a traditional circular saw is a pretty compact unit – but it’s also pretty heavy.

Those two things combining inevitably result in the blade wobbling around as you cut through the material. 

You might feel like you are ripping straight-line, but as soon as you slap a straight edge up against the material (or go to put it into its finished spot) you’ll find that you’ll need a lot more putty, a lot more tape, and a lot more paint to clean things up than you were hoping. 

With a Kreg Accu-Cut system, though, those problems disappear completely.

Instead, you get a full-blown track saw system that works with all of your favorite circular saws – circular saws from the folks at DeWalt, the folks at Milwaukee, Ryobi, Makita, Festool. The list goes on and on!

This modular system is designed to clamp right onto your circular saw, locking it down into the integrated track system with a proprietary rail set up.

All you have to do from there is attach the rails to the material that you are cutting and then zip your saw through the track system. This leads behind perfectly clean, perfectly accurate, and perfectly precise cuts you just can’t get freehand.

Think of it like having a tablesaw in a box, really!

Homeowners and DIY project tacklers are really going to love everything that the Kreg Accu-Cut system has to offer.

They don’t have to spend a ton of money on contractor-grade tools. They are probably not going to use that much with this approach, but they are going to get contractor-grade results at the same time.

Even better, because the Kreg Accu-Cut system is designed to work with pretty much any kind of circular saw you don’t have to spend a mountain of money on a new saw, either. 

Serious woodworkers (amateur and professional) are going to write glowingly positive Kreg Accu-Cut review posts online, too. 

These woodworking experts are going to be able to cut clean lines on all kinds of material and stock in a way that would have been tough to do freehand. Best of all, because the system is modular, you can take your tools to the work rather than dancing around your workshop with big, bulky sheet materials.

Finally, professional contractors and tradespeople are also going to fall head over heels in love with the Accu-Cut system.

This is a lightweight, flexible, and adaptable system that can be stowed in its own box on a truck or trailer until it’s needed. 

Then, you can break it out and about five minutes, have it hooked up to your circular saw in about 60 seconds, and be ripping sheets of material left and right almost instantly – all without having to lug around table saws to every job.

What We Like About the Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw

There are a lot of things (A LOT of things) to like when it comes to the Kreg Accu-Cut system.

Let’s start with the circular saw sled.

Designed to attach to any of your favorite circular saws with just two small screws (included with the sled), it takes about 30 seconds to get the Kreg Accu-Cut sled attached to the front shoe of your circular saw.

From there you are able to literally block the saw into the rail system and glide around reducing clean, accurate, and consistent cuts like never before.

The sled is of high quality, very durable, and super lightweight. It isn’t going to add a lot of bulk or a lot of unwieldy dimensions to your favorite circular saw, either.

Moving on to the rail system.

Pretty much every single Kreg Accu-Cut review out there mentions just how much they like about the rail system on this platform, especially when compared to the rail system you’ll find with other units.

This one is made out of high-quality aluminum materials (cast, not forged) that give it a lot of strength and a lot of stability without making it weigh a million pounds. 

Like all the other tools that Kreg puts out, this rail system is also super dependable and reliable with a quality control set up that is second to none. Everything about this rail glides free, glides clean, but keeps tight tolerances, all the same, to make sure that your cuts are accurate and consistent. 

The bottom of the tracks has their own proprietary pad systems that are a really cool little innovation.

Instead of you having to really clamp your rails down with the force of an elephant you can, sort of, rely on the gripping nature of these pads to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They have a friction-y material that allows you to sort of lock on before you clamp. 

And then, once you do clamp, you don’t have to worry about marking the material you are working on with over-tightening concerns thanks to how well the grips work.

The rail system itself comes in two pieces, allowing you to cut smaller lines without having to maneuver around a 4-foot long section of material. If you do want to connect both rail systems together, though, that takes about five seconds – giving you enough track runway to cut up to 48 inches of material at a time.

If you’ve been looking for a dramatic improvement over clamping down a straight edge or level and hoping for the best, and really want something that offers the benefits of a track or tablesaw without the sky-high expense and inconvenience of those two tools, this Kreg Accu-Cut system is the way to go. 

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What We Don’t Like About the Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw

First things first, you are going to have to attach the sled of the Kreg Accu-Cut directly to your favorite circular saw – and that sort of takes it out of the rotation of “general use” when you’re using the track system.

Yes, you could still muscle this tool through a couple of freehand cuts if you absolutely had to. But you’d end up having a pretty bad time and anything but accurate or clean cuts without the rails in place.

Now, it doesn’t take very much to attach or detach the sled from your circular saw. But that’s downtime that you’re going to have to deal with all the same.

Secondly (and this probably isn’t going to be a huge issue for most people), you’ll only be able to cut up to 53 inches of material at a time with the Kreg Accu-Cut rail system locked together. 

I know what you’re saying, “53 inches of clear, long, continuous cutting is plenty for one of after!” 

I hear you. I’m just saying that, with a tablesaw, you have absolutely no limit whatsoever to the amount of material that you can cut at a time.

In fact, if you wanted to (for whatever reason) you could literally run an entire tree through your tablesaw – 30 feet, 40 feet, 50 feet, or more of pine tree – without breaking a sweat after little prep work.

The Kreg Accu-Cut is a little more limiting than that. 

All in all, though, there’s really not a lot to dislike when it comes to this particular platform.


  • All the benefits of a track saw and tablesaw without any of the downsides
  • Smart, three-piece construction provides a lot more flexibility and adaptability to different jobs
  • The sled system is rock solid and can be attached to pretty much any popular circular saw today
  • Fit and finish is top-tier, exactly what you would expect from the folks at Kreg
  • Capable of making rip cuts, crosscut, and even angle cuts (between 0° and 48°)
  • Lightweight, strong, and reliable


  • Rip cuts are going to be limited to between 48 inches and 53 inches
  • The sled does need to be screwed into your favorite circular saw, limiting its use outside of the rails temporarily
  • Included clamps are a little bit on the flimsy side of things and probably should be upgraded

What’s Included? 

The Kreg Accu-Cut includes absolutely everything you need to get started with this “track saw in a box” system with one major exception – the circular saw that you’ll be using in the first place! 

The first couple of things you’ll notice in the box have to be the three-piece sled and rail system. 

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to attach the sled of the Kreg Accu-Cut directly to your favorite circular saw via two individual screws that tap right into the front shoe of all modern circular setups. 

After that, you can glide the Accu-Cut sled with your saw attached through the rail systems individually. But you can also pop the two rails together (with an anti-splitter strap) to take advantage of the full capabilities of this tool as well. 

A starting block is also included to help you align your sled before you run it through, and that’s a neat little addition that early versions of the tool didn’t include (according to some of older Kreg Accu-Cut review posts out there).

You’ll also get a number of the “sticky pads” that you can attach yourself to the bottom of the rail systems to give a bit of extra grip when the original ones begin to wear out.

This helps to guarantee that your Accu-Cut always stays locked down to the material that you are working with, and it’s pretty cool of the folks at Kreg to make sure that you have plenty of these to use moving forward.

Other than that, you’ll get the usual “box filler” kind of stuff that comes with every other tool out there.

We are talking about a couple of accessory tools (like Allen wrenches) to put everything together, a sticker, a manual, and a set of instructions to get started with. There are a lot of YouTube videos out there that you can follow along with to get familiar with the Accu-Cut set up even before you get, too.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check those out in advance!

Review Summary

Now that we have covered all the basics of what the Accu-Cut has to offer (and where it falls short) it’s time to get into the meat and potatoes of our recommendation.

Is this the kind of tool you can reliably use to replace a much more expensive dedicated track saw system?

Can the Kreg Accu-Cut really replace (almost) all of the cuts you usually do on a tablesaw?

Is this relatively simple and straightforward (not to mention inexpensive) tool really all that it is cracked up to be?

Well, we can answer a resounding YES! to each and every one of those questions. 

To put it bluntly, the Kreg Accu-Cut is one of the most impressive and innovative tools we’ve seen in a serious woodworking and construction world in the last 20 years.

Giving you almost all of the capabilities of a track saw that could cost a few hundred dollars as well as almost all of the capabilities of a tablesaw that could cost a few thousand dollars, for next to nothing (comparatively) you’re able to turn your favorite circular saw into something really spectacular. 

The fact that this tool comes from Kreg is just the cherry on top of this wonderful sundae.

Kreg has a legendary reputation in the tool industry that has been built day after day on top of innovative tools that really work, quality products that do what they promise, and new solutions that make our lives as woodworkers or tradespeople just a little bit easier.

To say that Kreg has hit an absolute home run out of the park with the Accu-Cut is the understatement of the century.

The engineering and design of this tool are top-notch, but the execution (especially with the high quality and lightweight aluminum) is something else entirely. Everything about this tool just feels really good in the hand and it works the way you expected to right out of the box.

There aren’t going to be a lot of unpleasant surprises when you are running the Kreg Accu-Cut, either.

A lot of innovative tools on the market usually have hiccups or obstacles that need to be hurdled, especially in the early development or right after these tools released to the public.

The only thing that Kreg really had to do differently with their Accu-Cut was to include a new “starter block” after receiving community feedback about how much easier that would make the tool to use going forward.

For one thing, the fact that the people at Kreg even listened to this kind of feedback shows you exactly what kind of company they are and how seriously they take their customer experience.

Secondly, for them to roll out a solution that really works and dramatically improves the overall experience is just another testament to all the things they do right in the first place.

If you’re in the market for cleaner, more consistent, and more accurate cuts out of your circular saw – and don’t want to spend a fortune along the way – then this is the tool for you.

Just don’t be surprised if people accuse you of being a Kreg superfan every time you give your Kreg Accu-Cut review!

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