One of the most challenging jobs, when you are doing intense yard work, is dealing with tree stumps. If you are coming to this job without the proper equipment, it will be even more challenging. Without a good stump grinder, this is back-breaking, arduous work, make no mistake about it. 

So whether you are a professional starting out your career, a homeowner who will be implementing some intense re-landscape design, or a hobby gardener/landscaper, an excellent reliable stump grinder is a must. 

We understand precisely how many stump grinders are out there on the market, so we have looked at multiple grinders currently on the market to help you decide which one of these stump grinders is best for you and your wallet. There is no sense in making such an investment without knowing exactly what you need and the best stump grinders currently on the market.

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Our Best Stump Grinders Reviews and Comparisons 

1. TORO Stump Grinder (Model 22602)

Product Highlights

The TORO Stump Grinder (Model 22602) is a terrific piece of equipment run by a Honda GX390 motor, putting out 13HP. This is a grinder capable of handling any small and many medium tree stumps around your yard.

The Toro 22602 is equipped with a Tungsten Carbide quad blade. There are 12 real teeth on the edge that, combined with the Honda motor, provide smooth handling and a safe and robust machine.

The machine is made to run quietly, which is not a standard staple of any outdoor equipment, let alone one made to grind up tree stumps. 


  • Walk-behind stump grinder
  • Weight is approximately 1,000 pounds
  • The air filter and oil plug are accessible and easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Balancing back wheels

What We Like About The TORO Stump Grinder (Model 22602)

The two back wheels help balance the stump grinder, allowing it to travel easier over different kinds of terrain. The controls are positioned on the top of the handle and are easy to use. The blade is removable, so it can be sharpened to last longer. It is also easy to change the blade.

With its ability to balance and function on different kinds of terrain, the stump grinder easily aligns with the property and makes quick work of any stumps in its path. Though the machine is set-up like a primary machine, it is a powerful and excellent stump grinder.

What We Don’t Like About The TORO Stump Grinder (Model 22602)

It seems like many users had to do their customization to get some features to work for them. It’s pretty typical for experienced woodworkers to personalize their tools for the perfect set up, but this could be overwhelming and frustrating to a beginner. Also worth mentioning is the stiffness of the included feather boards. Many woodworkers prefer to make their feather boards, but again, this might not be beginner-friendly. 


  • Accessible parts make maintenance and replacements easier.
  • Designed for optimal functionality, the 22602 is well balanced and powered.
  • A quiet and powerful Honda engine
  • Handles lift and make loading and storing easier.
  • Built for durability 


  • A bit heavier than other options for stump grinders
  • Vibration can be intense when working for a more extended period.

2. HOC STG13 Stump Grinder

Product Highlights

The HOC STG13 Stump Grinder is fully equipped with all of the latest technology. The frame is heavy-duty, well welded with independent and rotating rims. The shark teeth are sturdy and available to cut through any kind of soil. 

The entire grinder is ergonomically designed with adjustable handles of four different heights. You can also adjust the angles to allow you for a better stance. The wheels are pneumatic and knobby to help with stability over any kind of grounds.


  • 8 Tungsten Carbide Shark Teeth
  • 13HP Honda Gasoline Engine
  • Red
  • Handle Adjusts To Four Different Heights
  • Below-Grade – 12-inch cut depth

What We Like About The HOC STG13 Stump Grinder 

The HOC STG13 Stump Grinder has a four-stroke Honda GX390 13HP 389cc gas-powered engine. The cutting system is the most advanced and precise in stump grinders. The blade is a strongly reinforced carbide with eight sharpened teeth. The cutting-depth is 12-inches, guaranteed to kill any root system underneath the surface.

What We Don’t Like About The HOC STG13 Stump Grinder

The gas-powered engine lasts for quite a while. However, it can cause more vibration than average. Also, the STG13 is completely updated with the latest technology and can make it a little more confusing for some users. If you do not have any help and need to transport the machine, you may need to look at some other devices as it is heavier and can be hard to transport alone.


  • Ergonomic, adjustable handles
  • Dependable and powerful Honda engine
  • Welded and durable frame
  • Functions smoothly and set up to operate easily
  • Tires are knobby and pneumatic, optimizing stability, and functionality.
  • Kill switches


  • Larger Stumps take longer to get over.
  • Over 250 pounds it may take help to transport in between locations
  • It may seem clunky and not store as easily as others.

3. Greatbull Walk Behind Stump Grinder

Product Highlights

This stump grinder is more like a partner in your yard work than a piece of equipment. This powerful walk-behind stump grinder can reach even the most remote and old stumps in your yard. The cutting wheel is 12-inches in height and has nine complete cutting teeth. The teeth can drive over normal size stumps and grind down more giant stumps of hard and softwood.


  • Nine pre-installed cutting teeth
  • Kohler gas engine
  • Clutch and handbrake system
  • Pneumatic tires 
  • Stop button

What We Like About The Greatbull Walk Behind Stump Grinder 

There are so many qualities combined for the Greatbull Walk Behind stump grinder, capable of traveling over any kind of yard. The teeth are incredibly sharp and capable of taking care of the tree stumps located on any part of the land you are working on clearing. 

The Greatbull stump grinder can handle small stumps and medium stumps. Though the stump grinder may have to work on the medium-sized stumps for a bit, they can eventually get them.

This is an easier stump grinder that can be operated easily by even the most novice landscaper or DIY landowner.

What We Don’t Like About The Greatbull Walk Behind Stump Grinder

There are some issues with the Greatbull Walk Behind stump grinder. The pneumatic tires are a bit more narrow than many other stump grinders. This is not an easily moved stump grinder, and the Kohler engine is a bit overpowered for the machine, which can cause a lot of vibration when using it. 

That is also what contributes to the grinder being louder than other comparable grinders.


  • The stump grinders design is mobile
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Excellent above and below cutting capacity
  • Powerful and reliable engine
  • Accessible and easy controls


  • Louder than normal
  • Loading it and unloading it can not be done without help.

4. Western Pacific Walk-Behind Stump Grinder SMS-15HPSG

Product Highlights

The Western Pacific Walk-Behind Stump Grinder SMS-15 HPSG is a good, sturdy builder that is of excellent quality for the price. There are few stumps that this powerful motor can’t handle grinding. It is a very well-designed machine, with extra support added by double V belts and a streamlined design. 

The 9-inch below-grade is enough for many root systems from ordinary trees and can handle a substantial amount of stump left above the ground.


  • 15 HP Ducar 4-Stroke Gas Engine
  • 3600 RPM Walk Behind Stump Grinder
  • Recoil Starting System
  • Drum Brake System
  • Above-grade -20.25″
  • Below-grade – 9-inch 
  • 220-pounds

What We Like About The Western Pacific Walk-Behind Stump Grinder SMS-15HPSG

With a Ducar engine that has a 15-horsepower engine, outputting 3600 RPM, the WP SMS-15HPSG is a powerful machine that can decimate any stump that is lingering on your land.  With double V belts built-in, the frame is very tough and sturdy. There is a 12-inch diameter cutting wheel. 

The brake system on the equipment is a drum system. At 220-pounds, it is an easily maneuverable grinder.

What We Don’t Like About The Western Pacific Walk-Behind Stump Grinder SMS-15HPSG

The Western Pacific Walk-Behind is a good piece of equipment, but it does have some aspects we do not like. The recoiling start system can be complicated for those people with smaller arm span or less upper-body strength. The entire machine is made out of materials that are good but not the best quality. 

They do not last as long without getting rust and starting to get fatigued. Also, the tires tend to lose air relatively quickly.


  • Power is enough for the engine and grinding.
  • Easy Start-up system
  • Multiple-teeth blades allow for efficient, quick, and total cutting.
  • Design is sturdy and compact for doing all-terrain clearing and easy transportation.
  • Compact design allows for easier storage as well


  • Body made out of less durable materials than many grinders on the market
  • Low-quality Tires
  • Generally, mid-quality materials are used on the frame.

5. Detail K2 Power Gas 14HP Stump Grinder

Product Highlights

The DK2 14HP Power Gas Stump Grinder has dual locking hitch pins for easy transport on all kinds of terrain. There are dual teeth on tricot blades and come with a removable tow bar. The handle is adjustable, offering many different angles and heights. Has dual v-belt drives that allow for 3600 RPM cutting speeds. There is a direct belt drive system with a 50-pound cutting head.


  • Precise Cutting with a 12-inch diameter head
  • Kohler 14HP CH440 gas-powered engine
  • Comes with a 1.875 ball tow-bar to tow behind a vehicle
  • A dual belt system helps to minimize slipping.
  • Comes with safety equipment – goggles, earplugs, gloves, safety keys, oil bottle, and tools

What We Like About The Detail K2 Power Gas 14HP Stump Grinder

The torque associated with the DK2 stump grinder will destroy any stump on your land with ease and quickly. The CH440 engine pushes the grinder to move at over 3,500 rotations per minute, up to almost 3600 RPM, which allows you to clear quickly.

The handle can be adjusted to different heights and angles to allow for you to find the best position for you to work clearing your yard very comfortably.

What We Don’t Like About The Detail K2 Power Gas 14HP Stump Grinder 

With the actual wiring materials being a little on the thin side, they are more likely to wear down or break. This means that the wiring is weak and something you will want to consider if you are using your stump grinder on a very regular basis. With the intense 12-inch, 50 pounds reinforced cutter. You will need to handle the grinder as you are walking behind it.


  • Durable 14HP Kohler CH440 gas-powered motor
  • 2 x 2 frame with a reinforced axle
  • 12-inch above-grade and 9-inch below-grade cutting
  • The cutter is removable for sharpening or changing.
  • Sturdy build
  • Works and grinds very quickly


  • Wiring is weak material and very thin.
  • The cable to the throttle is long.
  • Recoil Start difficult for certain people.

6. Samson Machinery Gas-Powered 15HP Walk Behind Stump Grinder

Product Highlights

This 220-pound Samson Machinery walk-behind stump grinder runs on a gas-powered 15hp Ducar motor. With a 4-stroke recoil starting system and a drum braking system, this is a highly upgraded machinery piece. The blade has nine 12-inch steel-reinforced teeth. It puts out around 3600RPM and can handle many different kinds of stumps. There is a larger bow handled to aid in your comfort as you work in the yard.


  • Above grade 20.25-inches, below-grade 9-inches
  • Upgraded drum brake system
  • Thicker wheels at 3.55″ help to maintain stability
  • Recoil starting system
  • 1-year warranty

What We Like About The Samson Machinery Gas-Powered 15HP Walk Behind Stump Grinder

This grinder is insanely easy to use, with even the newest users able to figure it out. The grinder is powerful and can grind many stumps in quick succession. The system is designed for maximum power output and still uses maximum gas efficiency. 

With the upgraded system, the power is reserved when needed, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. The start is designed as a smart recoil, allowing most people to start the grinder with only one pull.

What We Like About The Samson Machinery Gas-Powered 15HP Walk Behind Stump Grinder

If you do not use the correct process for cleaning and discharging the machine’s debris, it can lead to clogging due to sawdust and chips. The grinder is designed not to operate at its full level when it is idling, which causes a lot of vibration throughout the machine. The vibration is worse during grinding but can be significant when idling as well.


  • Easy to do a quick set up and troubleshooting 
  • Incredibly solid construction – you want your investment to last for years.
  • Professional capacity due to high level of precision construction
  • The split fence is a unique feature that sets this product apart from others.


  • Thicker wheels break faster.
  • Intense vibration

7. Powerking PK0803 Stump Grinder

Product Highlights

This PK0803 stump grinder is designed to help you take on any backyard and get those stumps cleared out very effectively. A commercial-grade Kohler motor powers this grinder. There is a locking throttle control, an emergency stop button, and an emergency pull. With large wheels, the grinder will keep steady even on rocky areas. 

This particular grinder has a debris guard to help you stay safe while grinding. There are individual lift handles to transport.


  • Kohler CH440 14HP Engine
  • Cutter consists of nine carbide blades
  • Adjustable ergonomic bow handle
  • Dual V Belt Drive
  • Extra teeth and tow bar included
  • Two emergency shut-offs-button and rip-cord
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What We Like About The Powerking PK0803 Stump Grinder

With this stump grinder, you will get nothing but the absolute best in design and stability. This stump grinder uses a Kohler engine that runs 14HP and can grind either hard or softwood. The blades of the machine are incredibly thick at 3.5 inches and are a diameter of 12-inches. 

You have a larger handle that allows for better grip and easier control over the device. There is a disc drum braking system for smooth operation.

What We Don’t Like About The Powerking PK0803 Stump Grinder

The throttle cable is a bit long and can cause some issues for certain people when starting. The electrical in this grinder can be weaker, with thin wiring, for those who hate the smell of gas or using gas to power their equipment, that could be a deal-breaker here. The motor is not as efficient as others are, and it can burn through gas quickly.


  • Easy start and operation
  • Runs and grinds smoothly and quickly
  • Built and structured solidly to last for years
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Carbide reinforced teeth
  • Built with all available safety features


  • Long throttle cable
  • Electrical wires are thin and weak.
  • Hard to move


Now that you have read through this comparison, you will see quite a few options out there for stump grinders. You should not think of the stump grinder as merely a tool but a worthwhile investment. 

Remember, if you are a home/landowner looking for a stump grinder that can help you in your yard work, the smaller, less powerful stump grinders will be better for you. Also, the smaller grinders will be easier for you to store and maneuver around by yourself.

Our top choice for beginners is the Samson Machinery Gas Powered 15HP Walk Behind Stump Grinder. For the more experienced landowner or land clearer, we recommend the TORO Stump Grinder (Model 22602). See the below Buyer’s Guide to fully understand precisely what you should be looking at when you invest in a stump grinder.

Remember to wear goggles and proper ear protection while using equipment like stump grinders, and good luck with your shopping.


Nothing can help you in clearing land as effectively as an excellent and trustworthy stump grinder. However, this isn’t just a purchase of another tool – this is going to be a sizable enough paycheck to count as an investment.

Therefore, when you are making the final decision for what to purchase, here are some things to keep in mind. :

Your Own Budget And Needs

You want to purchase the stump grinder that fits both your landscaping needs and your financial budget. If you are someone with many lands that need clearing, buying a stump grinder is wise. This will save you aches and pains, as well as money. 

However, you do not need to break the bank if you are a merely DIYing landowner looking to clear your property and do some yard clean-up. A smaller, more affordable stump grinder will work correctly for you.

If you are doing this professionally, you will need to look at the more expensive industrial models; in professional landscapers and yard workers, the bigger and the more bells and whistles, the better.


Size again will matter on the frequency that you will be using the stump grinder and the actual material of the stumps you will be grinding. 

So what are the significant differences between small and big stump grinders?

  • Small
    • Easier to move
    • Storing is easier
    • Do not need as much strength to maneuver.
  • Bigger
    • Better for industrial use
    • Can handle the smallest stump to the biggest knarled one
    • Performance is tip-top


As with many yard equipment pieces, the engine is the most crucial part of the stump grinders’ functionality. Keep in mind, though. There is no need to go crazy with higher horsepower for most light to medium yard work. 

Make sure that the power and the engine in the machine you are getting are compatible. If you buy a stump grinder boasting a lot of horsepower with a small machine engine, it may end up being a low performing machine. 

Ensure that you understand the engine and its output, precisely what kind of engine it can run, and what maintenance the engine will need before making your final decision.

Cutting Range

The range that the stump grinder can cut is directly correlated to its effectiveness as a piece of clearing equipment. The best stump grinder will destroy the tree’s root, effectively killing any chance of the tree to begin regrowing.

The cutting range of stump grinders has both an above and a below grad cutting range. Most effective grinders will have at least a 12-inch above grade and a 9-inch below grade. With these measurements, you can be sure to get a grinder that will handle the part of the stump above the ground without needing to perform any cuts with other tools that could be dangerous.

The below-grade of at least 9-inch should be low enough under the ground to destroy the root system of any tree that may be able to grow back if left alone.

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FAQ Section

Q: Why exactly should I remove the stumps on my property?

A: You may be asking yourself why you should remove the stumps from your land, especially if you know that they will eventually naturally decompose. Keep in mind, the natural decomposition will take at the very least months, and some can even take years.

There are many issues that a stump can cause if left to break down naturally as well. First, some trees will try to regrow if the stump and root system is not destroyed. They are often a blight on your landscape. Also, rotting stumps can grow honey fungus, spread and kill off the plants you want to thrive on your land.

Q: Can’t I clear stumps by hand or by renting a stump grinder?

A: Yes. You can. However, it will not be a quick or easy job if you do it by hand. Renting a stump grinder is expensive, a hassle, and not worth it if you are clearing land regularly or in an emergency. 

Well, it will depend on your particular stump situation. Maybe you are a homeowner clearing some land for maintenance. Perhaps you own heavily wooded land, or you are beginning a landscaping or forestry business.


  • Land Maintenance – to keep your land healthy, you have to do regular maintenance. This means raking, mowing, and more mundane chores. It also involves some more intense tasks like cleaning up after storms and felling trees. This is when a stump grinder will come in handy. Getting rid of stumps helps to keep your yard healthy. 
  • Heavily Wooded Property – When you live on a lot with many trees, clearing them is vital for you to have a yard. Cutting trees is hard enough. If you add in digging out stumps and destroy the root system by hand, you are talking a lot of extra, back-breaking work.  
  • Business – If you are beginning a career in either landscaping or forestry, clearing stumps will become a regular, daily task, and doing so without a stump grinder possible but not efficient or recommended. 

Keep in mind that renting a stump grinder holds many fees and transportation that will quickly make it not worth it. Also, they may not be available when you are, and it is easier to make the one-time investment to have your own simply.

Q: Okay, but what is a stump grinder, exactly?

A: Thi