Sandblasters, otherwise known as abrasive blasters, are a multifunctional tool for both home and workshops. Sandblasting is the process of propelling abrasive media under high pressure against a surface to smooth, clean, or shape your chosen materials. 

The most important features of a portable sandblaster are its comfortable use, adjustable pressure controls, good quality nozzles, and a hopper capacity to suit your project size. Gravity-fed sandblasters are better for smaller projects, while siphon-fed sandblasters suit larger surfaces.

The variety of sandblasters on the market may be confusing, so we have compiled a list to help you find the best sandblaster to suit your needs.

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How Does a Sandblaster Work?

Typically compressed air propels the blasting material known as media, ranging from baking soda and glass beads to walnut shells. The sandblasting process can clean equipment, prepare surfaces for a primer, remove rust, or finer decorative purposes on glass and mirrors. 

The two most common types of portable sandblasters are either siphon or gravity fed and can be explained as follows:

  • Gravity-fed sandblasters make use of a hopper (or media container) that is placed above the gun that is hooked up to an air compressor. When you pull the trigger, the hopper’s media is fed through the container at high pressure to the nozzle.
  • Siphon fed sandblasters are similar to the gravity-fed systems, but the hopper is usually larger and is placed below the nozzle. The media is fed through a pipe to the nozzle at high speed and force. The siphon system is less restricted in terms of the hopper capacity that makes it suited for larger projects.

Now that you are familiar with some sandblasting terminology, here are eight of the best sandblasters for you to choose from in 2020.

Our Best Sandblaster Review and Comparison

1. Le Lematec Sand Blaster Gun Kit 

Product Highlights

Le Lematec has built up a solid reputation over two decades of operation, and they are known for the quality and affordability of their products. The Le Lematec sandblaster is an ergonomically designed sandblaster with a gravity-fed reservoir for more consistent performance. 

The sandblaster is compact but powerful and has an adjustable control valve for more precise automated sand flow. Gravity forces the particles into a steel mixing chamber where they are channeled through a durable steel nozzle and blasts away stains, rust, paint, and more. 

The Le Lematec sandblaster has a patented removable steel filter for an easy-pour solution with no mess or wastage and works well in any position, including upside down. This versatile tool may even be used for stone carving or glass etching should you so desire.


  • Safety vented tank
  • Hopper capacity of 600cc (18oz)
  • Standard operating pressure of 60-120 PSI (optimal operation 90-100PSI)
  • 2 replaceable steel tips
  • Quick connect filter (¼ inch)
  • Gravity-fed reservoir 
  • Airflow at 100 PSI is 12 CFM
  • Weight 1.29lbs
  • Comfort-grip handle 
  • 1/4” NPT quick connectors, user manual, and media guide included
  • Supports steel grit, glass beads, soda, silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide, and more

What We Like About the Le Lematec Sandblaster

The Le Lematec sandblaster is lightweight and fits comfortably in the hand for easy operation. The setup is straightforward, and one can start sanding right out of the box.  

The trigger system is responsive, and the flow is good as long as you use adequately sifted media, as the smaller design can be prone to clogs.

The Le Lematec works well and is surprisingly powerful for its size and blasts of paint or rusts effectively and efficiently. There is no problem in accessing the nooks and crannies of the more intricate work surfaces. 

The gravity-feed system makes it really handy when you have oddly shaped surfaces and need to use the sander upside down, for example. 

What We Didn’t Like About the Le Lematec Sandblaster 

Although Le Lematec is a powerful and portable sandblasting option, it is best suited for smaller jobs due to its small reservoir capacity. One has to refill the media quite often when working, which can be time-consuming with more extensive work surfaces.

Although the gun appears relatively solid and durable, the trigger is made out of plastic, affecting the sandblaster’s longevity if it is often in use. The gun’s action creates blowback and quite a bit of media spray, so it is not very neat in operation, and one needs to wear protective clothing and a face shield. 


  • Easy to assemble and use 
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Can be used in various hand positions
  • It can be used with a wide variety of media.


  • Messy in action
  • Can clog if media is not prepared correctly
  • The plastic trigger is not durable.

2. Speed Blaster – Gravity Feed Media Blaster

Product Highlights

The Speed Blaster is a well-designed gravity-feed sandblaster that connects with just one airline for ultimate ease of operation. The sandblaster has an easy to adjust control valve that meters your sand flow with high precision through a highly durable ceramic nozzle.

The Speed Blaster has a comfortable non-slip handle, and the unit is compact enough to reach the most out of the way nooks and crannies. The tool is also lightweight at only 1.3lbs and adapts to a wide variety of media with ease.

Despite being small and portable, the Speed Blaster delivers a powerful operation pressure of 60-125PSI and an impressive 12 CFM air consumption. A power that makes the Speed Blaster stand out in its niche, despite its ultra-lightweight.


  • Gravity-fed operation
  • Adjustable sand flow alumina ceramic nozzle
  • A replaceable hardened steel mixing chamber
  • Safety vented tank
  • Operating pressure 60-125PSI
  • Maximum particle size 14 grit
  • Minimum air compressor 3 HP 
  • Hopper capacity 26 oz
  • Non-slip easy-grip handle

What We liked About the Speed Blaster Gravity Feed Media Blaster

For its competitive price, the Speed Blaster packs more power than many of its competitors and delivers a smooth blasting action. The adjustable feed is intuitive and easy to operate, and the gun suits smaller projects perfectly for DIY and maintenance in the home.

The setup is straightforward, and you can be blasting soon after you receive the Speed Blaster without much technical fuss. The simple design is a great entry-level gun for those new to the sandblasting field. 

What We Didn’t Like About the Speed Blaster Gravity Feed Media Blaster

Although the 26oz hopper is larger than many of the handheld sandblaster class, it does not suit larger projects. The hopper needs to be refilled regularly, which may hinder those seeking a tool for larger projects.

There have been reviews that the handle is not very durable, but we found it to be quite sturdy and up to industry standards. The negative reviews were usually for older Speed Blasters, so they may result from normal wear and tear over time. 


  • Powerful for its size
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and easy to grip.


  • Needs to refilled often
  • Handle wears down over time
  • Not suitable for large projects.

3. Le Lematec Sandblaster Gun Kit with Siphon and Gravity Blasting Functions 

Product Highlights

The Le Lematec AS118-2 delivers powerful gravity fees with a suction cup on top and a siphon feed through a 10ft siphon hose and tube. The siphon system’s advantages are that it has a low start-up cost and allows for the continuous recycling of blasting media without the user having to refill.  

With a simple switch, users benefit from a gravity feed for smaller jobs and the heavier siphon-feed for larger work areas. The Le Lematec is compatible with eight different media types, including walnut shells, steel grit, and black diamond. 

The Le Lematec offers a decisive 90 -100 PSI operating pressure with a CFM air consumption powerful enough for most stubborn surfaces. The Le Lematec blends power and portability into one well-designed sandblaster.


  • Optimal blasting pressure of 150 PSI and 4CFM minimum
  • Gravity and siphon feed options
  • 10-foot-siphon hose included
  • Easy switch configurations
  • Tough ABS material
  • 8 types of media compatible
  • 3.58lbs weight
  • 660cc media capacity 
  • Perfect for spot blasting
  • Can be used for bigger jobs as well as finer detail
  • 2 steel tips

What We Liked About the Le Lematec Sandblaster

Le Lematic’s siphon system is an excellent option if you plan both smaller and large projects. The siphon system works really well, and the hose gives enough range and reaches to fit comfortably over large surfaces, and the gravity system is excellent for more nuanced detailed surfaces.

The Le Lematec switches effortlessly between the feed systems and has straightforward controls perfect for novices and experts. The product is not just versatile, but it remains lightweight at under 4lbs and is easy to maneuver.

What We Didn’t Like About the Le Lematec Sandblaster

Unless you have a blasting cabinet, the Le Lematec can be a super-messy business, and you will need protective clothing and face wear, especially on the siphon-feed. 

Because of the enhanced power of the Le Lematec, users should be aware that they need a strong enough compressor to work the blaster efficiently. 


  • Dual gravity and siphon options
  • 10-foot hose included
  • It may be used in larger projects
  • Allows 8 types of media


  • Needs a strong compressor
  • Can be messy in operation
  • Requires cabinet or proactive gear.

4. Jewboer Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun

Product Highlights

Unlike their competitors, the Jewboer Sandblaster is made of aluminum iron and ceramic and unlike the standard ABS plastic blasters. The Jewboer offers a powerful siphon system and is the ultimate multipurpose blaster for blasting or liquid and high-pressure air cleaning.

You may use The Jewboer for various purposes, including cleaning or parts, surfaces, equipment, and finer decorative effects such as marble engraving.  The kit comes complete with a 0.85m siphon hose, a sand suction pipe, and an option of three steel nozzles. 

The gun is portable and lightweight at only 2.05lbs and suits both small detailed work and larger projects. The solid construction makes the Jewboer a winner in the durability department. 


  • Sturdy aluminum, iron, and ceramic construction
  • Operating pressure of 60-120 PSI
  • 3 Steel nozzles with 5mm diameter x 1 and 6mm x 2
  • 2 Ceramic nozzle diameter 4.5mm/7mm
  • Includes three steel nozzles, 2 ceramic nozzles, 0.85m siphon hose, sand suction pipe
  • Can be used to refurbish brickwork and clean wheel rims
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a quick connection. 

What We Liked About The Jewboer Sandblaster 

We found that the Jewboer sandblaster packs a powerful action for the extremely competitive price for its niche. The operation is straightforward, and the gun feels solid in the hand and sturdy, which is a nice surprise for the cost.

The Jewbore feeds most media up to about 80 grit with ease and uses less CFM than most competitor blasters. The gun’s use is highly versatile and makes cleaning bricks or engine parts easy and finer details.

We liked the steel and ceramic nozzles options, which allow you to adapt the gun to your chosen project without much fuss. The quick-connect makes it easy to move from the box into blasting with minimal fuss.

What We Didn’t Like About The Jewboer Sandblaster 

The siphon hose was too short and made from a hard vinyl type material prone to kinks and does not provide much range for larger projects. We would suggest that buyers are ready to upgrade the included hose to a more flexible material with a more extensive length.

The sturdy aluminum frame is durable, but the handle can slip about when working on larger projects. A rubber grip would have been a nice touch.


  • Sturdy aluminum and iron construction
  • Powerful action
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Does not work well with soda
  • Slippery grip
  • The hose is cheap and too short.

5. Grizzly Industrial T27158-20-Gallon Portable Sandblaster

Product Highlights

The 20-gallon portable sandblaster boasts a pressurized tank for enhanced power as well as a pressure gauge and a safety pressure relief valve. The Grizzly’s best feature is that it has a self-emptying moisture trap, making it a pleasure to operate without too many annoying clogs.

The kit includes a blasting hood, a funnel, four ceramic replacement tips of different sizes, and a decent length blasting hose of 10 feet. The 20-gallon reservoir ensures that you may take on larger projects without refilling your hopper every two minutes, saving you time and making the Grizzly highly efficient.


  • Maximum pressure 125PSI
  • Blasting hose included 10’
  • Hopper capacity of 80lbs
  • Self-emptying moisture trap
  • Inline pressure gauge.’
  • Safety release valve
  • Tip bores sizes: 0.065″, 0.095″, 0.115″, and 0.135″
  • Compact and powerful
  • Shipping weight 54lbs
  • Suitable for industrial and home use.

What We Liked About the Grizzly Sandblaster

The Grizzly is compact for its strength and comes with everything you need except media to clean and smooth any rough surface. Because it is a powerful blaster, it is recommended that you use essential safety wear in operation to avoid any potential hazards.

The large reservoir makes the Grizzly top for large projects while still maintaining a compact size that fits into home workspaces without too much fuss. 

We loved the moisture trap, which captures the condensation from the compressed air and allows the smooth flow of media without clogging. 

What We Didn’t Like About the Grizzly Sandblaster 

Because it is a larger semi-industrial piece of equipment, it can throw up a lot of media residue and is best for use in some form of a cabinet. For home use, people should ensure that they are wearing a fully protective kit and that the work area will not be damaged by fine debris. 

Because it is a larger machine, users must ensure that their compressor suits a suitable CFM rating to power the Grizzly Sandblaster.


  • Powerful, smooth action for any surface and size project
  • Portable and compact
  • Large reservoir for continuous operation
  • Moisture trap system.


  • Suited to workshops with cabinets
  • May throw up fine debris during use
  • The Grizzly needs a powerful compressor.

6. Campbell Hausfeld Siphon Feed Sandblaster

Product Highlights

The Campbell Hausfeld Brand has built up a reputation over many years of operation and is known for high-quality products. The Campbell Hausfeld sandblaster is a portable and easy to use option for removing rust, scale, and paint from small parts and equipment. 

The siphon-feed blaster is made to spray most abrasive media, including glass beads, aluminum oxide, steel grit, silicon carbide, and walnut shells. The versatile sandblaster can be used in craftwork, etch glass, and even wood and uses a bucket or bag (not supplied) to draw up media into the machine.

The kit comes with 10 feet of quality siphon hose, a ceramic nozzle, a steel pick-up tube, and a handy Allen wrench.


  • The optimal working range is 90PSI – 100PSI at about 8CFM
  • Includes I0 foot hose, steel pick up tube, and Allen Wrench
  • Siphon feed system  
  • Replaceable ceramic nozzle
  • Suitable for heavy-duty operation
  • Suites a variety of media types
  • Compact and portable
  • Only weighs 2lbs
  • 1-year limited warranty. 
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What We Liked About The Campbell Hausfeld Sandblaster

Because you are not limited by a reservoir/ hopper capacity, you can use a suitable size container to suit the project at hand. This feature makes the Campbell Hausfeld highly versatile. The Gun fits snug in the hand and can be used for a wide variety of media types and applications.

Besides supplying the media container, the kit includes everything you need to start on your first project. The high quality and generous length siphon-feed are one of the best in the price range and allow free movement, whatever the size job. The Allen Wrench is a convenient and thoughtful touch, and the limited warranty is quite unusual for the product niche. 

What We Didn’t Like About The Campbell Hausfeld Sandblaster

Depending on your project’s size, the 10-foot hose may need to be trimmed to ensure an even media flow. Because the gun does not have a designated hopper, it does mean you need to agitate the hose in your designated bag or hopper to ensure the free flow of media.

The smaller gun tends to clog with media that is not completely dry, and we suggest you use a moisture filter on your compressor for the best results.


  • Affordable and efficient
  • Suits a variety of media
  • The kit includes a wrench and a generous length of hose.


  • Works best with a moisture filter
  • The feed system may need to be agitated during blasting.
  • There is no replacement tip included.

7. Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

Product Highlights

The Performance Tool Portable blaster is a compact and heavy-duty abrasive sandblaster kit with a gun, 50-lb hopper, and 15 feet of hose.  The 50lbs hopper capacity is large for its price range and lends itself to more extensive projects where frequent hopper refills would be problematic.

The sturdy Blaster kit is gravity fed and allows a continuous feed that makes cleaning and blast sanding your project a breeze. You may use the M549 to clean rust and dirt of equipment and surfaces and finer detailed work such as glass etching.  

The machine is compatible with abrasive silica sand, glass beads, and shells and has an operating pressure of 90 PSI with a minimum requirement of 3.5CFM at 50 PSI.


  • Impressive 50lbs hopper capacity
  • Sturdy and durable aluminum gun
  • 15 feet hose included
  • Suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • Uses a variety of abrasive media
  • Gravity-feed operation
  • 5.3 pounds in weight
  • Aluminum gun 
  • Operating pressure 90 PSI
  • Handle for easy transport

What We Liked About the Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

The large capacity hopper speeded up the sandblasting process by less frequent stops to refill with media. The kit feels solid, and the aluminum gun feels solid yet easy to maneuver into tricky positions. 

The kit provides a generous hose length, and the gravity-feed system works particularly well with the finer abrasives. We liked the easy-grip handle on the hopper and the neat dimensions that fit well into smaller places and are suited for home use.

What We Didn’t Like About the Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

There are no replacement tips in the kit, and the tips tend to wear through quite quickly, which is a pity for such a well-made gun. The hose’s length is generous, but the material can be prone to kinks if not stored carefully.

The hopper could have benefitted from a pair of wheels as having to lift the container by the handle can become annoying when working on larger projects. 


  • Durable aluminum gun
  • Larger capacity hopper (50lbs)
  • Compact and easily stored
  • Great for small projects.


  • Can be heavy to lift by the handle
  • The tips could be of higher quality.

8. Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster

Product Highlights

The Neiko 30068A sandblaster is a multi-purpose blaster that is perfect for DIY or home use. The compact and robust desi