For most of us, attractive and functional cabinet hinges are something we take for granted, never thinking about this handy hardware until problems arise or tastes change.

If you need to replace underachieving cabinet hinges or just want to upgrade their looks or performance, prepare to be overwhelmed by thousands of different options to choose from. It’ll take you hours to sort through all these various options to arrive at the best solution for you.

Or, you could read our breakdown of the best cabinet hinges for 2020 and save yourself hours of research. Let’s get started!

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Our Best Cabinet Hinge Reviews and Comparisons

1.Ravaver 4 Pack Clip on Soft Close Frameless Cabinet Hinges, 110° Hydraulic Heavy Duty Full Overlay European Cabinet Door Hinges with Mounting Plate, Stainless Steel

Product Highlights

The Ravaver Soft Close Frameless Cabinet Door Hinges, while beautifully shiny, are concealed, perfect if you don’t want them to interfere with the aesthetic you’re going for.

They employ a powerful hydraulic piston to provide heavy-duty cushioning while opening and closing that’ll stand up to decades of abuse.

They open wide, up to 110 degrees, so you’ve got plenty of room to maneuver even in cramped areas.

They snap in and out, so they’re incredibly easy to install.


  • Durable yet quiet hydraulic piston for long life
  • The snap-in design makes installation a breeze
  • Concealed hinges provide a clean look to cabinet doors

What We Like About The Ravaver Soft Close Frameless Cabinet Door Hinges

What we like the most about these hinges is how easy they are to install. Push up the clip-on widget and it separates from the screw plate and hinge, which allows you to easily install the mounting screws without dealing with the weight of the actual hinge. They’re also highly adjustable, with settings that can tweak up and down, left and right, and in and out to give you perfect alignment to even off-level cabinets.

What We Don’t Like About The Ravaver Soft Close Frameless Cabinet Door Hinges

About the only thing we can think of that might put you off purchasing these nifty cabinet hinges is their concealed installation since it’s a shame to hide away their shiny stainless steel. If you want hinges you can show off to company (and who doesn’t?), you’ll have to entice visitors to gaze into the depths of your storage space to admire these beauties.


  • Powerful, durable hinges provide decades of value
  • 3-way adjustment system allows for perfectly-aligned installation
  • Concealed hinges are perfect for shaker-style cabinet doors
  • Hydraulics provide soft opening and closing


  • Not suited for visible-hinge installations
  • Represent a serious investment in otherwise simple hardware

2. 1 Pair 135 Degree Corner Kitchen Cabinet/Cupboard Folded/Folden Door Hinges for Combination with Screws

Product Highlights

Probrico’s 135-Degree Corner Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges are a great choice when you need hinges for a corner door or lazy susan, which can often be challenging to find direct replacements for.

They come in several different options depending on the kind of installation you want and are for applications where you want to conceal the hinges.


  • Wide-opening 135-degree hinges 
  • Metal construction
  • Simple installation

What We Like About the Probrico 135-Degree Corner Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

These corner cabinet door hinges open wider than the competition, which is fantastic for when you need extra access to lazy susans or other oddly-angled areas. Because of this, they’re a great choice for replacing old or broken corner hinges, which can be difficult to find exact replacements for. We also love their heavy-duty metal construction, which means they’ll easily stand up to years of stress with breaking or bending.

What We Don’t Like About the Probrico 135-Degree Corner Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

We would’ve liked to see more options for adjusting the hinges once installed. As-is, they do allow for in and out adjustments but lack the left/right/up/down adjustments other models provide. We also wish they clipped-on and off the screw plates, which would really simplify installing these hinges. Finally, they can’t be adjusted to lessen the impact of door closings, so if that’s important to you, keep looking.


  • Perfect for concealed-hinge installations on corner doors and lazy susans
  • Durable construction for long service life
  • Great for replacing hard-to-find corner hinges
  • Heavy-duty nickel-plated iron construction stands up to abuse


  • Requires precise measurements and drilling for optimal alignment
  • No ability to cushion closing of cabinet door
  • Could use more built-in adjustment options

3. Lancher 4-Pack Hinge Easy Installation Hinges for Drawer Window Cupboard Cabinet Door Hinges

Product Highlights

These concealed cabinet door hinges employ springs to allow them to lock into the open position, perfect for keeping upward-opening “canopy” doors from slamming back down on your noggin.

Using springs instead of a hydraulic piston saves on weight and cost, making them lighter and more affordable.

They also include a 5-year warranty, so if you run into any issues with the quality of construction, you’ve covered for years to come.


  • Cold-rolled steel construction
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy drill-free installation

What We Like About the Lancher Easy-Installation Cabinet Door Hinges

These are great for large doors that weigh under 20lbs and have a nice “snap” when they open and close thanks to their spring-powered construction. For applications that require fully-recessed hinges, the way these mounts let you avoid having to drill out pockets, which other hinge types.

What We Don’t Like About the Lancher Easy-Installation Cabinet Door Hinges

We would’ve preferred hydraulic pistons over springs because of how much smoother they are. We also would have liked to see more options for fine-tuning alignment. While they do have slotted screw holes for minor adjustments to in/out and left/right, but nothing for up/down, so ensure you have the height exactly where you need it during installation.


  • Requires no drilling to installation
  • The cold-rolled, zinc-plated steel construction will outlast your cabinet doors
  • 5-year warranty provides worry-free ownership
  • Spring-locks open, keeping doors from swinging into your way 


  • Not designed for heavy doors or holding over 20lbs
  • Uses springs rather than a smoother hydraulic piston
  • Achieving perfect alignment can be time-consuming

4. KINGO HOME Face Mount Self Closing Satin Nickel 3/8″ Inset Cabinet Hinges, 20 Pack

Product Highlights

These are the first visible or face-mount cabinet hinges we’ve covered so far, and combine attractiveness with function thanks to their spring-actuated self-closing ability.

If you’re after traditional yet beautiful hinges for your cabinets, you’ll love the look and feel of these satin nickel gems.

And you’ll have plenty of them, as this set includes a full 20 hinges, which should give you a head-start on even the biggest hinge upgrade projects.


  • Includes 20 hinges
  • Self-closing
  • Attractive Satin-Nickel finish
  • Includes mounting screws

What We Like About the KINGO HOME Face-Mount Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges

You usually don’t think of self-closing when you think of face-mounted cabinet hinges, but they’re handy if you hate cabinet doors swinging of their own accord directly into your way. We also like their simple looks. They don’t scream for attention, but when you do notice them, you’ll enjoy the silvery contrast they provide to painted or stained doors.

What We Don’t Like About the KINGO HOME Face-Mount Self-Closing Cabinet Hinges

Face-mount hinges are always going to be more difficult to install than their adjustable concealed counterparts, and the KINGO HOME cabinet hinges are no exception. You’ll have to carefully align the placement of your mounting screws if you want a perfectly-aligned installation. They’re also not nearly as strong as many other of the hinges we cover, so aren’t suited for heavy doors or holding very much weight.


  • A convenient pack of 20 hinges is enough by itself for many jobs
  • Included mounting screws give you everything needed for installation
  • An attractive exterior is perfect for showing off and accenting color schemes
  • The self-closing feature keeps cabinet doors from getting in your way


  • No adjustment options
  • It may require some work to get properly mounted

5. Furniware 20 Pieces Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges, 1-1/2″ Overlay Cabinet Hardware Hinges Nickel Plated- 105 Degree

Product Highlights

Furniware’s Soft-Closing Overlay Cabinet Hinges are great for when you want auto-closing functionality that’s soft enough to trust near little fingers (or any fingers, really).

Thanks to the way they install, their well-suited for use on pairs of doors in the middle of cabinet runs, which generally don’t have spare material for mounting purposes.

Despite this, they’re still simple to install, making them perfect for DIY’ers of all levels.


  • 3-way adjustment capabilities
  • Soft self-closing with damper built-in
  • Stainless steel construction

What We Like About Furniware’s Soft-Closing Overlay Cabinet Hinges

Furniware’s soft-closing hinges are perfect for those worried about tender digits getting caught in cold, unfeeling steel, which children and adults alike will be grateful for. Children of all ages will also like how these hinges all-but eliminate the slamming of cabinet doors. The fact that they’re easy to adjust is another huge point in their favor.

What We Don’t Like About Furniware’s Soft-Closing Overlay Cabinet Hinges

These hinges have an “open” position, so they will begin to close automatically if you don’t open them fully. While typically a trivial concern, it could get annoying if you install these hinges in a place where you can’t open a cabinet door all the way, as you’ll constantly be fighting to keep them from closing when you want them open.


  • 3-way adjustment capabilities let you easily get the perfect door fit
  • A self-closing system keeps doors from getting slammed shut
  • Soft-close damper increases safety for wayward fingers
  • Stainless steel construction for years of lasting quality and durability


  • May open so far that they require stops to prevent hinges coming loose
  • Included mounting screws may be too small for some doors

6. Tanzfrosch 20 Pack Soft Close Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Satin Nickel, 1/2″ Overlay for Face Frame Cabinet, 105 Degree Open Angle, 3 Ways Adjustment

Product Highlights

Tanzfrosch’s Soft-Close Concealed Cabinet Hinges for Face Frame Cabinets are, as the name gave away, for face frame cabinets only.

They employ a piston to cushion cabinet door closing and close softly to avoid damaging stray fingers and cabinet paint jobs alike.

They’re also easy to install and adjust, so are worth your consideration if replacing hinges for face frame cabinets.


  • Hydraulic soft-close system
  • 3-way adjustment options
  • Comes with 20 hinges, 60 mounting screws, and 20 bonus door bumpers

What We Like About the Tanzfrosch Soft-Close Concealed Cabinet Hinges for Face Frame Cabinets

We really can’t say enough about hinges that are easy to adjust, as there’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a hinge installation only to find your cabinet door doesn’t line up properly. We also are big fans of hydraulic pistons for cushioning how hard doors close. The addition of 20 free cabinet door bumpers is a nice touch that shows Tanzfrosch wants to make things as painless as possible.

What We Don’t Like About the Tanzfrosch Soft-Close Concealed Cabinet Hinges for Face Frame Cabinets

Obviously, these hinges are limited by the fact that they’re only compatible with face frame cabinets, so if you have any other kind of cabinet doors, these will be more trouble than they’re worth to install, if not impossible. You’ll also want to be very careful about what size you need, as these hinges only work for ½” overlays, meaning they work for every situation.


  • Comes with 20 hinges and everything you need to install them
  • Quality components will last through years of heavy use
  • Smooth hydraulic opening and closing hinges reduce slamming
  • Bonus cabinet door bumpers keep doors from damaging frames
  • Highly adjustable for a perfect finished project


  • Only works for face frame cabinets, limiting their usefulness
  • Comes in ½” size only, so make sure works with your installation

7. Amerock BPR7565G10 3/8in (10 mm) Inset Self-Closing, Partial Wrap Satin Nickel Hinge – 2 Pack

Product Highlights

The Amerock Self-Closing Partial Wrap Satin Nickel Cabinet hinges are another attractive option that gives you flexibility in installation.

With partial wrap hinges, you can see just a bit of the hinge hardware—the rest is hidden behind the door.

These self-closing hinges use a dual spring system to provide plenty of closing power.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Minimalist style
  • Includes mounting hardware
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What We Like About the Amerock BPR7565G10 3/8in (10 mm) Inset Self-Closing, Partial Wrap Satin Nickel Cabinet Hinges

Many of the most popular hinges on this list are concealed. That’s great if it matches the look you’re going for, but sometimes hinges can add to the look of a kitchen, etc. In those cases, it’s nice to have partial wrap hinges, as they provide just a touch of class while not screaming for attention as larger hinges would.

What We Like About the Amerock BPR7565G10 3/8in (10 mm) Inset Self-Closing, Partial Wrap Satin Nickel Cabinet Hinges

Since these hinges add an extra 1/8th” to your cabinet doors, you may need to chisel out space, called a rabbet, for each hinge to be recessed into, which could add a lot of extra work to your hinge-installation project. Also, you’ll want to pay attention to how you space your doors as sagging could result if too much weight is applied without proper support.


  • Dual compression springs lend strength to a self-closing system
  • Finished in satin nickel for an attractive yet unobtrusive look
  • Includes mounting hardware to help you get done more quickly
  • Pre-tested for quality to ensure a long lifetime


  • No slam-stopping capability
  • Not as strong as heavy-duty cabinet door hinges
  • No adjustment options

8. DECOBASICS Variable Overlay Face Mount Cabinet Door Steel Hinges (10 Pair- 20 Pack), Self Closing, Flat Matted Black, Matching Wood Screws and Door Bumpers

Product Highlights

DECOBASICS’ Variable Overlay Face Mount Cabinet Door Hinges are another great option if you want to actually see the beautiful new hinges you’ve purchased.

You’ll love the flat black coating these hinges feature, which is great for situations where you don’t want to distract viewers from the color of your cabinets.

These hinges don’t rely on looks alone, though. Thanks to internal springs, they feature the same self-closing capabilities as more expensive options.

Best of all, these hinges have been tested for durability, so you know they have what it takes to put up with years of abuse.



  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • An attractive flat black look
  • Quite-closing thanks to included silicon bumpers

What We Like About the DECOBASICS Variable Overlay Face Mount Cabinet Door Steel Hinges (10 Pair- 20 Pack)

We like that these diminutive hinges pack a punch. Their steel construction means they’re got plenty of durability to last years, and their spring-powered self-closing feature is always appreciated. Thanks to their overlay flat-mount design, they’re perfect for applications where you only want a minimal amount of hinge showing after installation.

What We Don’t Like About the DECOBASICS Variable Overlay Face Mount Cabinet Door Steel Hinges (10 Pair- 20 Pack)

While the hinges themselves garner rave reviews, you might run into issues with the mounting hardware. Some users have complained of the heads of the included screws breaking off. Obviously, this can make the installation process take longer, and may require extra trips to the hardware store to complete.

You’ll also want to take note that these hinges are for overlay applications, so cabinet systems that use alternatives, like inset hinges, may require more tweaking to get everything lined up properly.


  • A self-closing system in a small, easy-to-install package
  • Flat black exterior coating provides an attractive look
  • Includes all the mounting hardware you need to install
  • Pre-tested for durability to give you peace-of-mind


  • Included mounting hardware might suffer quality issues
  • Lacks any real adjustment options

Final Verdict

We fell in love with our winner, the Ravaver frameless cabinet hinges, at first sight. Their attractive, heavy-duty stainless steel construction will last for years, and their quiet, hydraulic-assisted soft-closing capabilities are great.

We also love how easy the 3-way adjustments make getting the perfect alignment. Many cabinet door hinge options provide some level of adjustment, but few take things to the level that Ravaver did, and the ability to adust in/out, left/right, and up/down means perfectly aligning these hinges with any cabinet system should be a matter of turning a couple of screws.

But what cements its place as the winner of our roundup is how these hinges easily detach from the screw plate, which makes them one of the easiest hinges on this list to install. Other types of hinges require you to fight with the weight of the attached hardware, but Revaver’s hinges let you focus on mounting the screwplate first, which makes things much easier.

In the end, there are a plethora of cabinet hinges available on the market for just about any kind of installation. But if you’re looking for quality, value, longevity, and ease of installation and adjustment, you can’t go wrong with Ravaver’s solution.

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Buyer’s Guide

What Style of Cabinet Hinges do I Need?

If you read our hinge reviews above, you probably noticed various types of hinges intended for different styles of cabinets and doors. But how do you know what kind of hinges to buy when replacing or upgrading?

While you can make just about any style of hinge work, doing so will be more involved for those that don’t match the hinges already used on your cabinets. For example, switching from face-mount hinges to concealed self-closing hardware might mean filling in exterior screw holes and touch-up paint to disguise their previous existence, not to mention requiring other modifications behind the door.

Unless you have a particular reason to switch hinge styles, it might be best to simply use the same type of hinges your cabinets already use. This will save you time and headaches during the installation process.

Other than that, what hinges you use is completely up to you!

What Different Styles of Cabinet Hinges are Available?